Industrial IoT Platform

ThingWorx is more than an IoT platform; it provides the functionality, flexibility and scalability that businesses need to drive industrial innovation─including the ability to source, contextualize and synthesize data while orchestrating processes and delivering powerful web, mobile and AR experiences.

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ThingWorx Navigate

  • Contextual, role or task-based apps focused on the needs of the non-expert user
  • Seamless and more secure delivery of rich product development data managed in PLM to the enterprise.
  • Experience product information in multiple formats – whether on a screen or in augmented reality

ThingWorx Asset Advisor

  • Unified list of all assets under management
  • Detailed view of asset information and performance status
  • Alerts generated when irregular operating conditions are detected
  • Remote access to troubleshoot and resolve issues

ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps

  • Fast to deploy – install and configure in less than an hour.
  • Role based Intelligence - real-time, actionable access to operational information leads to proactive and faster decision making
  • Flexible to evolve – code-less app extensibility for rapid continuous innovation
  • Built on the ThingWorx Platform – delivering native industrial connectivity, rapid application development and ultimate flexibility, powered by a vibrant ecosystem.

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