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IoT Thingworx

The ThingWorx Technology Platform is the only enterprise-ready platform that enables innovators to rapidly develop and deploy smart, connected solutions for the Internet of Things. ThingWorx contains the most complete set of integrated loT-specific development tools and capabilities making solution development simple, time-to-market fast and solutions built on the platform more compelling.

  • Connect – connect you things" using ThingWorx connectivity or industrial connectivity from Kepware.
  • Analyze – ThingWorx analytics automates complex analytical processes for loT data such as real-time anomaly detection at the edge, predictive analytics and simulations.
  • Create – robust development tools enable the both skilled and novice lo T developers to quickly create solutions.
  • Experience – Use augmented reality from Vuforia to create experiences that help end users better create, service and operate their things.
  • Share – Collaborate with loT developers around the world through the ThingWorx DevZone, Marketplace and at our annual lo T Conference, LiveWorx.